Adkeys for Malakoff Médéric – Osons La France – 2014


In 2014, Adkeys designed several unique interactive live experiences about health coverage for Malakoff Mederic.

To support the MEDEF Summer University, Adkeys designed a unique interactive live experience: the connected challenge and health area. On the occasion of the French innovation show “Osons la France” (Dare France) which took place last December at the Grand Palais, Adkeys designed a unique interactive live experience consisting of an optical station and a practical game among other applications.

The virtual mirror allowed visitors to try various eyeglass frames and to choose their lenses while displaying the out-of-pocket costs and insurance-covered costs, in real time. A prototype for a pioneering absenteeism management tool was also presented during the show.

Adkeys‬ and The Twelve also produced a futuristic video showing Malakoff Mederic’s strategy”.

OLF station optique

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plan d'action simulateur OLF Simulateur absentéisme profil entreprise simulateur absentéisme

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