Adkeys for Sopexa – CIFOG – 2013


The CIFOG (the Comité Interprofessionnel des Palmipèdes à Foie Gras) represents all professionals in the fattened poultry sector. Its purpose is to promote products sold for consumption and launch campaigns in the general interest of the profession.

In this context, Adkeys built a digital event for Sopexa a on behalf of the CIFOG. We constructed our strategy around the Saint Martin, celebrated on November 11th, to involve the French Cuisine intentionnist into a fooding experience, which included :

  • An online competition,
  • A dedicated brand content (recipes, advices…),
  • A Facebook Fanpage (animated and moderated by our team),
  • Social advertising,
  • Digital partnerships with several website (Marmiton, Au feminin,…).




Adkeys_SAINTMARTIN_jeu concours

Adkeys_Saint martin_ CIFOG_HP