Brand Strategy

Adkeys for Ercom – Cryptobox – 2016

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Adkeys won the ERCOM’s media pitch.

The agency Adkeys won ERCOM’s media pitch to launch the secure sharing and collaborative working solution CRYPTOBOX in France.

This request for proposals aims at getting the service known among the decision-taking targets.

Adkeys has designed new creations portraying the secure collaboration between two enterprises working remotely, the CRYPTOBOX’s promise being illustrated by a cloud protecting the characters from leaks.

The agency also proposed a media action plan that mixes economical and digital press and created a conversion tunnel for prospects that includes an editorial part on social networks.




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Adkeys for Subaru – 2015


Since 2004, Adkeys has been managing Subaru’s communication in France.

The Japanese auto-manufacturer’s 2015 “White Tiger” campaign depicts sculptures of wild beasts in a city. Adpated into a different spot for each of its 3 SUV models, and presenting the new verson of the “Outback”, the campaign puts forth the values of Subaru and of the “totem” animal: strength, elegance, power and speed.




Brand Strategy

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BRAND STRATEGY_wordingSite_600x250


Adkeys’ business strategy teams work hand in hand with brands, from their strategy’s inception to its commercial deployment. Their work involves using all of the available information and data in order to deliver efficient recommendations which lead to consistent brand identities.

The agency is involved at all levels of the business, from Upper Management to Communications as well as Marketing and Sales, among others.

In order to best answer its clients’ strategic needs, Adkeys incorporates all the experience and expertise of Mediakeys, the group’s media division, and that of Comkeys’ research and innovation division.