Adkeys for A Vendre à Louer – 2014



Adkeys has partnered with A Vendre A Louer (a major real estate website) to create their new visual identity while breaking free from the expected standards of the real estate industry: fuchsia and white with a geometric pictogram, which lets the viewer imagine all types of dwellings. To reinforce their new image, Adkeys also developed a new tagline that is simple yet impactul: “A vivre Absolument” (“Absolute Living”).

Adkeys developed the TV spot as well as the radio and print campaigns with a new brand positioning: Happiness! The 24-second TV spot simply shows people being happy in their homes: a student in her first studio apartment, a couple in their kitchen, an elderly woman celebrating her birthday with her grandchildren, a same-sex couple and their children relaxing in their living room and soon-to-be parents taking a selfie! The actors were not cast traditionally but rather were selected because they are all employees of A vendre A Louer who performed specially for this ad!

Adkeys for Exacompta – Forum Agenda collection – 2014

Animation_support_du_lancement_nouvelle_collection_agendas_nouvelle_experience_digitale_premium_An online_competition_website_national_TV_campaign_YouTube_advertisin_e-mailing

Exacompta is the most well-known brand for diaries, filing and office items, standing 20 points ahead of its competitors in terms of brand awareness in France.

Adkeys was entrusted with the launch the new agenda collection and build a strong product awareness with a premium digital experience.

We created a graphic and playful interactive journey to involve teenargers and their parents into this digital event, which included :

  • An online competition,
  • An official website for this collection,
  • A national TV campaign,
  • YouTube advertising,
  • An e-mailing


Agenda Forums_Home

Agenda Forums_Gamme

Agenda forum_Jeu concours_Adkeys